And so it begins

I’ve been writing for years.   When I was ten, I wrote a series of graphic novels about my cat.  I have a stack of yellow legal pads that I carried during high school, jotting down story ideas and bits of dialogue.  I’d throw away most of my grad school notes, except that the beginnings of my first novel are scrawled in the margins.  Where else would Christology, cataloging and the Keth’roi come together, after all?

(The Keth’roi?  Huh?   Check out the Stone’s Throw into the Deep page for a preview.  Fair warning, however – unless I lose a bet, you’ll have to look for information on Christology and cataloging elsewhere.)

Now, as I send out my first novel to literary agents, I’m embracing the idea that writing is my career.  (I have another one, too, but more on that later.)  I’ve read a number of resources about author platforms that have motivated this introvert to spill some of the contents of her mind onto a blog for public viewing and general camaraderie.

In coming posts, you’ll read about my successes and missteps as an author and watch my platform evolve.  I’ll also regale you with tales of cemetery walks, local history research related to my work and maybe an excerpt or two from my high school notebooks.  (Spoiler alert: chaste kisses and fairy princesses abound!)

Above all, I’m hoping  to connect further with communities of readers and writers as we argue over movie remakes, share thoughts on writing and explore the stories that shape our lives.

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