I'm just wild about Kindle (except for the guilt)

As you may remember from my Robertson Davies post, I get a little manic about keeping track of what I’ve read.  I’m also a little manic about the devices I use for reading.  I reluctantly got a Kindle a few years ago and liked the convenience of one-click ebook shopping so much I downloaded Kindle software to my computer, my phone and my iPAD.

Then I succumbed to a wave of professional guilt – publishers haven’t played nice with libraries in terms of ebook pricing.  (For more information, start with Michael Kelly’s recent column in Publishers Weekly.)  I also hit sabbatical year, which means reduced salary, so I challenged myself to get the vast majority of reading materials through my public library.

I discovered how much I like the heft of a good book in my hand, even the ginormous latter volumes of Harry Potter, which I’m rereading during the holidays.

But I also have a ton of ebooks on my devices (see: seductive one-click shopping above).  Which led me to a lengthy conversation about reading and books with my mom yesterday and a brief flirtation with getting a new Kindle.  (I talked myself out of it – my old Kindle is just fine and will be quite at home with my collection of VHS tapes.)

All of which is to say I spent the morning charging and synching my old Kindle.  (I also came down with my annual holiday cold yesterday, so the level of activity was just right.)  I’m still professionally conflicted but let’s talk after I get through all of my ebooks.

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