Trying hard not to believe in omens

I’m not one for omens, even though I write fantasy novels, but I’m already a little leery of 2014.  In the past three days my dryer broke, my pipes froze and my basement flooded.  Fortunately, all of these things can be fixed and I’m also still on sabbatical, so really, every day is still Saturday, even if the basement floods.

Even though 2014 may be off to a rocky start, I’m optimistic it will progress well, especially if I set a few writing goals and stop bothering the plumber every time he comes to visit.  With that in mind, here are my writing goals for 2014:

  • Complete research for second novel by the end of February
  • Revise rough draft of second novel and send second draft to beta readers by the end of July
  • Conduct preliminary research for third novel and apply for grant funding by mid-June
  • Write six short stories and submit at least three to literary journals
  • Write ten flash fiction stories for ten contents and/or journal submissions
  • Blog seven – ten times per month (lucky you!)
  • Write a rough draft of yet another novel – I have two planned and will write one, depending on how a few external circumstances resolve themselves

So that’s my year.  Probably overly ambitious, as is my nature, but I also do well with deadlines, so let’s see how it turns out.  Bring it on, 2014!

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