Cemetery Walks – Fort Ridgely Cemetery

I wrote about pajamas yesterday, so I thought I’d write about cemeteries today.  I spent many long, happy hours traipsing through cemeteries last fall, lost in thought by myself or deep in conversation with friends who were kind enough to indulge me by joining the adventure and/or driving me places.

As I work on the second draft of my novel about cemeteries, I’ve reviewed the pictures both for inspiration and scene details.  Lately, with the next little ice age happening outside my window, I’ve enjoyed looking at pictures of green grass and leaves.  So today I’m sharing some pictures from one of my favorite cemetery visits from last October.  If I remember, the day was unseasonably cold, but today we’d consider it balmy.  Enjoy!

20131024_091857An unintentionally perfect framing of the cemetery at Fort Ridgely.  The cemetery is located within Fort Ridgely State Park and adjacent to the historic site of Fort Ridgely itself.


Sunshine! No snow! More pics from Fort Ridgely.  As I said, it was a gorgeous but cold morning.  My fingers froze as I kept taking off my mittens to snap another picture.  When I was an undergraduate, I took a career assessment test and scored high for being a paralegal, a librarian and a nature photographer.  Perhaps I was really supposed to be a cemetery photographer after all…

20131024_09211520131024_092022  20131024_094354



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