Social Media is Making My Head Hurt (Plus I'm Hungry)

2013-07-31 09.32.31So I did the thing where I was reading my twitter account and someone retweeted something from Tumblr, so I clicked.  Then I ended up following the tumblr account but since I didn’t have my own tumblr account (can I just say tumblr? is that what the kids call it?) I somehow ended up with my own tumblr blog (account? site?).  All of this took 30 minutes that I could have used doing something more productive, like eating lunch.

Now I’m hungry and overdue for a shower, but then I discovered I could link this blog to tumblr.  So not only can I lurk, I can also participate!  Which I will celebrate by posting on Twitter and Facebook! And hopefully Tumblr!

A few things:

  • This post is me testing if Word Press and Tumblr are playing together nicely or if I have to become Cursing Julie (she’s fun).
  • I am in awe (and mainly overwhelmed) by all the social media platforms and how they connect – or don’t.  I feel like someone threw me into the deep end and I forgot how to swim.
  • Between Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and the blogs I read, can someone just create a master “READ THIS, JULIE” app so everything’s in one place? (And I even use a reader for the blogs.)

How do you all manage your social media?  Are you on everything and do you check everything all the time?  Or do you pick and choose?  Throw me a life preserver, please.  Maybe explain Tumblr…?

PS – The tumblr blog that got me all excited is the We Need Diverse Books campaign.  Check them out – I’ll write more about this in a day or two.

PPS – This appears to be my Tumblr site.


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