In Which I Clean Up Nice

Julie Gilbert Portraits   For Mother’s Day one of my kids made a card at day care.  The card involved a few question prompts and one of them read something like “My mom is pretty when she…..”  Gender stereotypes aside (the father’s day card did not ask about appearance, for the record), here’s how my son answered the question:

“My mom is pretty when she cleans up.”

I’ve been laughing about that for weeks.  I’m still hoping he meant: “after she takes a shower and brushes her hair” as opposed to “when she dusts the living room.”

I cleaned up particularly well a few weeks ago when I had a photo shoot to have some professional author photos taken.  Sure, I’m scouring through the proofs to pick out the one for the back of my as-yet-to-be-made-real book, but I also found I needed something a little more professional for my blog, Twitter feed, Facebook, etc.  (Yes, you can follow me on Twitter @JulieKGilbert and on my Facebook page!)

I knew I was in for a treat when my photographer, the talented Sarah Byrnes of Sarah Byrnes Art & Vintage was totally up for shooting in a cemetery.  Although I’ve already uploaded my favorite on the About Julie page, I wanted to share a few more that I particularly love.  As a testament to how great Sarah is, I almost never like seeing myself in pictures.  She’s got the magic!

Julie Gilbert Portraits

Julie Gilbert Portraits

Julie Gilbert Portraits

Julie Gilbert Portraits

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