Happy Anniversary to Me

20130916_104252This week marks the year anniversary of my first official cemetery ramble, including my foray into a burr patch (see left).  The whole experience gave birth to a blog, a series of photos that take up a ton of space on my phone, and a novel.

(Also, can we just pause to note that I used the Oxford comma there without even thinking about it ahead of time?  It was totally unintentional. I’m going over to the dark side.)

In the year since my rambles began, the novel has gone through two drafts and I just started working on the third draft, which may (or may not) be ready to send out to beta readers by the end of the year. Who hoo!

Read more about the first visit here. And enjoy some additional pictures from those early walks:

Detail of a gravestone

Detail of a gravestone

The first touch of fall colors

The first touch of fall colors

Wistful, lovely inscription

Wistful, lovely inscription


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