New Year’s Eve in the Cemetery

I went to the cemetery today, even though it was bitingly cold. Many of the gravestones were decorated with wreaths and clusters of holly.  One had a feeder that was being heavily used by deer and birds, judging by the tracks in the snow.  There were paths worn by (human) footsteps around many of the graves, bearing witness to families who visit loved ones in the cemetery every holiday.  I wasn’t visiting anyone in particular today but the tracks in the snow reminded me of the many griefs I carry, both new and old.

I was going to use this space to comment on the past year and talk about my intentions for the one that arrives tomorrow.  But that seemed somehow trite in the face of grief, both mine and yours.  Instead, I’m going to watch the sun filter through the branches of the Christmas tree and simply sit with these feelings of loss, as well as the ones offering possibility and hope.

I wish you time and space for your own reflections today, both of the happy times from 2014, as well as the losses and disappointments that occurred in your one beautiful and precious life.  Be well.

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