G is for…Goals

In addition to being a writer, my dream jobs are backup singer for Bruce Springsteen and/or professional hermit. More on Bruce in a later post – this challenge wouldn’t be complete without an ode to my second husband. (See what I did there?)

I would be a superb hermit. I am an introvert’s introvert. I value long periods of time by myself, pondering the movements and currents of my life. I need the perspective that only comes from stepping back from daily life and examining the causes and conditions that are arising. After I decide if or how I want to vary the course, I make to do lists and intentions and once or twice I’ve written manifestos.

(I’d be an even better full time hermit with Netflix but I’m suspecting some of the nuances of the job would be lost.)

I realized, however, after I talked with my therapist last year, that I’m somewhat passive when it comes to setting goals and making plans. I tend to react to whatever’s arising rather than proactively set goals. I’m not a wallflower – I do make decisions and plans, but I’m not as intentional as I could be about where I want to be and how I want to get there.

So my therapist had me set goals and outline the practices I’d use to reach them. Then she suggested I review my goals and practices once a month and chart the progress I make. So…at the end of every month, I carve out some time and make a pot of tea and review my goals. It’s awesome. Even when I freak out and worry that I’ll never achieve my goals, I have a folder of notes that says at least I’m trying.

I blogged about my goals and practices at the start of the year as New Years Unresolutions.  I’ve modified the goals and practices slightly (I’m all about revisions), so here’s the current list:

Goal: To realize my full potential as a creative writer.


  • Taking time to reflect on my life and writing (aka the hermit part)
  • Being intentional about how I spend my time & take care of myself
  • Exploring ways to take risk in my life and writing
  • Living with simplicity by not taking on extraneous projects, attitudes or worries
  • Preserving my autonomy in terms of how I spend my time and the projects I undertake

Are you intentional about your goals? What goals and practices do you prioritize?


2 thoughts on “G is for…Goals

  1. The idea of reviewing your progress toward goals once a month really hit home with me. I can dream and plan, but I lose my way getting there. The best goals are always the ones that can’t be achieved overnight. It’s often hard to figure out a way to document progress so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up. Really enjoyed the post. Happy A-to-Z blogging!


    • Thanks so much! What I also love about the process are the number of times I think I haven’t done anything in the past month to achieve my goals, then I start writing about them and see I’ve taken small steps. Or else I see times when life blew up for awhile and I just couldn’t get to everything. I tend to be harsh on myself, so it can be a good reminder to look over the past month and realize that I did the best I could with whatever came along.


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