O is for…Outdoors

First, how are you all doing? You okay? I’ve been writing a lot lately and we’re still not all the way through the alphabet. So thanks for staying with me. And welcome to all the new visitors, too!

I was going to write about output today, but then it turned into the most perfect spring day imaginable so I jettisoned all my plans in favor of the great outdoors. On my long afternoon walk, I hashed out a ton of plot points and world building. I’m taking another stab at Some Flew North, tearing down (almost) all the walls and building it up even better and stronger. My goal is to start writing by the beginning of summer. I’m using the next month and a half to outline the book, which involves creating and then trying to solve a whole bunch of issues. Oh, fantasy novels, you are so fun and so frustrating to write.

Anyway, being outdoors has always boosted my writing. I take walks when I’m stuck or need to reflect on my work. I write outdoors (or close to it) whenever I can, usually on my screen porch. There’s something about the ambient noise of birds, wind chimes and the thud of the neighbors’ car doors that provides enough distraction so I can focus on writing.

Enjoy some pictures of blooming things!

20150417_145051  20150417_141830  20150417_134505

5 thoughts on “O is for…Outdoors

  1. I so agree about the benefits of walking in the outdoors. Whenever I’m stuck I do a trail walk with a notebook and a dog. Much to the dog’s disappointment, I’ll sit on a log and jot down notes halfway through the walk. She’s always happy to see me stand up again. Movement stimulates the right brain, which is the creative center. I find going to a step class works the same way because of all the turning.


    • All that brain/movement/creativity stuff is so fascinating. I’ll do the same thing when I walk, sometimes stopping in the middle of the path to work out some new insight. That’s cool about step class, too. I got a fitbit a few weeks ago and sometimes take short “walks” in my house to get steps, but it’s also been an excellent break when I’m writing – generates many more ideas than browsing Facebook…


  2. I’m so glad Spring has finally come to my corner of Planet Earth, so I can start spending more time outside again. I love going graving in nice weather, even if I haven’t brought a camera. I’m really overdue to finally take a camera to one of the nearby cemeteries, since I’ve been there so many times but never with a camera.


    • I’m not a visual artist but I like to imagine an exhibit where I showcase some of my favorite cemetery pics – all of which were taken on a trusty smartphone camera. 🙂


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