Plans for April Blogging Challenge

I’ve been blogging a lot at work, trying to connect with our community. It’s been fun, although I realize I’ve been neglecting my own blog. Fortunately, April is right around the corner and with it the A to Z blogging challenge. I’ll be blogging the entire month of April on one half of my blog theme.

As you know, the blog is called Cemeteries and Pajamas, because I like visiting cemeteries and I write in my pajamas. I have a ton of cemetery pictures from various walks over the past few years. Whenever I look at them, I imagine some kind of art exhibit in connection with a book launch – a series of cemetery photos taken on my super high tech cell phone camera – and the book that was inspired by said photos.

Well, it’s a nice dream. In the meantime, I’m opting for an online show. For 26 days in April, I’ll post a picture from a cemetery walk and include a few words about why I found that particular place or photo inspiring. I hope to provide an inspiring, contemplative online space for readers.

See you in April! Hopefully even before!

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