E is for Endings

Cemeteries are places of endings. But when one thing ends, another begins. Yesterday I realized that my participation in the A to Z Challenge is coming to an end. I love this challenge. I completed it last year and made lots of new blogging friends. I loved the sheer variety of interests and perspectives that can be found in the blogosphere.

I’ve got some new beginnings happening in my life. Work has become a little more complicated. I also have a few writing projects that need more attention – and I want to give them that attention. Plus there are the ongoing adventures of watching my kids grow and change every day. They are the epitome of the cycle of endings and beginnings.

So I bid you farewell for now. I’ll be back to blog regularly here, although my normal schedule is more like a few posts a month, rather than over two dozen. Happy blogging to everyone in the A to Z Challenge! See you around.

10 thoughts on “E is for Endings

  1. I clicked on your blog because I love the name. I was out of order – we are supposed to go backwards from our numbers, and I am almost rich, my number is so high – but I didn’t care. Death takes us all in the end, so we can cut in line now and then, can’t we?

    And step away when life beckons. So good for you. A nice farewell.


  2. Yes, it’s not easy trying to squeeze everything in. I was fortunate this year in that I had time to do the challenge because my WIP is in the hands of beta readers. Good call to dump the A to Z if you have other priorities. (I’m really struggling with tense in this comment – maybe I need a nap). Good luck.


    • You are so right – timing is everything. And I had a bout of delusion at the beginning of April: “I can do EVERYTHING! Super well!” Nope. A good lesson to learn. Congrats on finishing the challenge! Hope you get some time to rest.


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