Summer resolutions


I am a big fan of setting intentions and making (un)resolutions. I enjoy them so much that I don’t just limit myself to New Years. Nope, it’s a full service, year round feature here.  I’m also a big fan of marking cycles: the end of spring, the beginning of summer, the end of the school year, the beginning of a different way of operating.

Summer stretches ahead of me. My goal? To make sure it doesn’t suck. Even if there are sucky things happening, I’m not going to let my summer be inherently sucky. Why the worry about suckiness? Well, I’ve got a few new endeavors that might turn out fine….or they might be a drag. But don’t we all have situations like that?

I choose not to get dragged down into the emotional morass that comes with sucky circumstances. I choose to do the work that needs to be done and not let myself whine. I choose to do what I can and let the rest go.

I also choose summer! Gardening, reading, days at the pool, bike rides, t-ball games, bar trivia & screen porches. (Okay, so I actually hate going to t-ball games but see how I’m not getting drawn into the emotional morass of youth baseball? More on this later.)

I also choose writing. It’s what brings me joy and I’m going to maximize that joy, especially during these lovely summer days.

In particular (because I am trying to stay accountable to myself), here are specific projects:

  • Finish the bulk of a really cool freelance assignment (more on this later, as well)
  • Finish yet another draft of my YA fantasy novel
  • Start (and maybe finish) revisions on the fourth draft of a separate YA novel
  • Hang out with and support my writing group

So basically I’m prioritizing writing. Last week I spent every day waiting for the other shoe to drop, glued to email, just waiting for some crisis or another. That’s no way to live a life, much less a single day. Instead, writing comes first. And the bigger intention? Carry the attitude – and my writing priority – into the rest of my daily life, even after summer’s done.

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