What I'm Reading – the Woman in Cabin 10

I’ve always been a little idiosyncratic in what I read. Some YA, of course. A lot of contemporary fiction. Romance novels. Not much nonfiction. Mainly I’m looking for stories that carry me away, ones where reading doesn’t feel like work.

Lately I’ve been enjoying a lot of crime fiction. I think it’s the formula that appeals to me. There’s a crime. Someone tries to solve the crime. Usually, but not always, some form of justice is served. Unlike a lot of “general” fiction, I know what I’m getting into. Like most genre fiction. Crime fiction also has the ability to surprise readers, to go in a variety of directions within the structures.

All of this is to say I’m just starting to figure out what I like to read within the large world of crime fiction. Nothing too freaky, or I’ll never sleep. And I don’t want to read sensationalized violence against women. But crime fiction done well is a treat.

The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware, has gotten a lot of buzz, following her previous title, In a Dark, Dark Wood, which I haven’t read. (And full disclosure, I received an ARC of The Woman in Cabin 10 from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, but am just now getting around to reviewing it, even though the book was released a few weeks ago.) It’s a classic locked room mystery, taking place on an elegant, refined yacht, which also manages to be confining and claustrophobic.

The woman in cabin 10 has gone overboard. Or has she? Lo Blacklock, travel writer, has to first determine whether or not a crime was actually committed, given the fact that no one’s been reported missing on board after the ship has gone to sea. Was the struggle and splash that Lo heard in the cabin next door real? Or a figment of her imagination? As Lo struggles to determine which of the guests might be friend and which foe, she edges closer to a trap – and a watery prison from which she might not escape.

Recommended – 4 stars.

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