Resistance is Not Futile

img_5099So lots is going on, guys! The coronation – ahem, inauguration was Friday and then we all marched! Well, maybe not all of us marched, but a whole heck of us marched. Including yours truly.

I keep waiting for things to slow down for a bit so I have time to compose a thoughtful, considered post about the ways of the world, but that’s not happening. As a writer and librarian (and lover of facts, just like it says on my banner), I can’t stay quiet. And the world isn’t offering me time to be eloquent and write infrequent, elegant posts.

Instead I’m going to post often – and since the blog goes out automatically to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (which I’m not entire sure I know what that is but maybe 2017 is when I figure it out), I’m going to consolidate efforts here on the blog and post shorter, more frequent pieces – as well as news items and links and pretty much anything else I feel warrants attention.

Because let’s face it – we are living in WEIRD times. And so much is happening! So fasten your seatbelt and let’s join the resistance!

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