#Resistance Link Roundup 1

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. -Aldous Huxley

Take Action:

I just came across this resources via Crunk Feminist Collective – the Resistance Manual is a project by StayWoke and is a fantastic resource for getting educated on a number of pressing rights and justice issues at national and state levels, as well as ways to take action. This looks to be an essential tool in the days ahead.

Resistance Superstars:

Hats off to the National Park Service for going rogue after several agencies were ordered by Trump to stop tweeting.  Not only did the Badlands account start tweeting out climate change facts (the tweets have since been deleted but you can find them here), brave NSP employees started an alternate National Parks twitter account as private citizens). And they were soon joined by more brave souls.

Follow these, too:

This is what resistance looks like!

Have Hope:

A friend shared this piece (Why Trump’s Inauguration is Not the Beginning of an Era – but the End) and while I’m not smart enough in the fields of economics and history to evaluate every claim, it gave me hope that what we’re seeing now might indeed be the last gasp of an outdated and reactionary power structure.

Look for an upcoming post about fake news and “alternative facts.” (Spoiler alert: “alternative facts” aren’t a thing.)

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