#Resistance Link Roundup 3

img_5098I am notoriously awkward on the phone. I’d feel ashamed, but I know that there are many of us out there. Don’t be ashamed! Embrace your awkwardness!

With that in mind, some of today’s resistance links involve calling your elected representatives. As an introvert who far prefers arguing ideas via written text over talking (unless that talking involves close friends, a bar or cafe, and some libations), I kinda freeze up at the thought of calling strangers on the phone.

But I do it anyway. Because it’s important.

So here are links on keeping up with who to call and about which issues (I assume you know the issues you’re passionate about, but things are moving so quickly in these early days that I appreciate having a rundown of what’s happening).

  • 5 Calls encourages you to spend 5 minutes making 5 calls, plus there are scripts and contact numbers, and you can also track the calls you’ve made.
  • And here’s the number for the Capitol switchboard, which will direct you to your elected officials: 202-224-3121  You can program it into your phone – I did!

Resistance Twitter Accounts:

I love the alternate US government agency accounts. To me, they signify a commitment to free speech and to facts that we should all emulate. And while there are questions about who’s actually controlling the accounts, I have such admiration for the people who created and are maintaining them (which are not necessarily the same people).

Here’s a list of more alternate Twitter accounts to follow, plus info on the upcoming March for Science. (Thanks to my friend Julie for passing along the link!)

Got more resistance links to pass along? Comment below.

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