Published Works


  • Dark Waters series, published in 2017. This four book series follows the adventures of fourteen-year-old India Finch, half-mermaid, half-human, as she navigates friendships, family and risky adventures on land and in the sea. The novels were written to be read in any order.
    • In Fire and Ice, India is drawn into a long-standing animosity between two mer tribes. Things go from bad to worse when she realizes someone is deliberately trying to stir up mer hatred for humans, however.
    • Neptune’s Trident sees India and her friends taking a mer road trip – er – sea trip! India and her friends leave for tropical waters in search of a mythical object that has the power to bring the mer tribes together – or break them apart forever.
    • The Sighting reminds India that the worst thing for the mer is not the tribal infighting but discovery by humans.
    • In Into the Storm, a mysterious sea witch, a hurricane and a giant squid threatens all India and her friends hold dear.

Flash Fiction

I also won a first place prize in the “1,000 Prompts, 1,000 Dollars” Writing Contest sponsored by Build Creative Writing Ideas for my story snippet, “The Reluctant Vampire,” which appeared on my blog in December, 2013.

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