Resistance Resources


On November 8, 2016, I wore my pantsuit and stuffed a bunch of Kleenexes in my pocket. I was certain we’d be electing our first female president that night and I’d be sobbing tears of joy. Turns out I did cry that night, but for different reasons. During 2016, I’d watched and read with growing horror the rhetoric of our now-President’s campaign. On election night, I thought of all the people, values and ideals I held dear and knew they were – and would continue to be – under attack.

I am a member of the resistance. I resist the bigotry, racism, hatred, xenophobia, sexism, and white supremacy that have gained power in our nation. I watch democratic norms and institutions tremble, and I take a stand against the force that seek to tear us down.

The amount of information about the resistance has been impressive, encouraging, and sometimes overwhelming. As a writer and librarian, my instincts are to preserve, organize and disseminate information.

I created this set of pages initially for my own benefit, but I hope you will find them useful, too. The links and resources are not comprehensive. Instead, they are ones that I’ve personally found especially useful, helpful or inspirational.

I care about a lot of issues. Racial justice. Immigration. DACA. Reproductive freedom. Climate change. Net neutrality. Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Dismantling the patriarchy. I frequently take action about all of these issues, but I also know how important it is to focus energy and intent. So I keep coming back to voting rights. Again and again.

When we vote, we make our voices heard. We are active participants in our democracy. Voting is sacred to me. One hundred years ago, I would not have been allowed to vote for the ridiculous reason that I’m a woman. Fifty years ago, people I love more than anything in the world would not have been allowed to vote in some parts of the country simply because of the color of their skin.

Voting is my core issue. Nor is it a partisan issue (even though gerrymandering makes it so). I will move heaven and earth to get you to the polls, no matter who you’re going to vote for. I just hope you’ve thought about your vote, about the issues that are important to you, and that you’ve done careful and considered research. Even if you haven’t, I’ll still drive you to the polls and make sure your voice gets heard.

You can find links to information about voting rights in the drop down menu above, as well as a few other topics, including libraries as places of resistance and self care.

I’m also always on the lookout for more resources and links, so if you have ones that you’d like to see featured, use the contact form below.