Libraries of the Resistance


Libraries…aren’t they those slightly shabby, outdated spots where you can get musty books and maybe some internet time on an old, clunky computer?


Even the most underfunded library isn’t outdated. Libraries are democratic institutions. They provide access to information – as well as training in how to use that information – thus contributing to the kind of informed citizenry that is essential for a well-functioning democracy.

Plus they’re just cool places.

Anyway, here are some links to ways that libraries are participating in the resistance.

  • Libraries are for Everyone – a collection of beautiful, downloadable signs about why libraries are for everyone! (see one gorgeous example at the top of this page)
  • Libraries Resist – more about ways that libraries are promoting social justice, tolerance, and participating in the resistance, including an explanation of why libraries aren’t neutral spaces (full disclosure: the library where I’m employed is on this list)
  • Day of Facts – February 17, 2017! Follow along with the #DayofFacts hashtags and find out all of the ways libraries, museums, archives and other institutions are trusted sources for facts – and that facts still matter.

And while you’ll find reasons as to why libraries are resisting in some of the above articles, here’s some additional information about the core values that lead libraries to resist:

  • ALA Core Values of Librarianship – these values, including diversity, social responsibility, intellectual freedom and education & lifelong form the core of why librarians resist.
  • ALA Code of Ethics –  the code of ethics also outlines our professional values
  • The Professional is the Personal – “The Trump administration is founded on contempt for everything libraries represent, and no amount of attempted appeasement will make a dent.”
  • The Profession Responds – a collection of responses from libraries, archives, history and other professional associations