Self Care

img_3212“How are we going to get through four years of this?” I asked a friend over Facebook.

“I think we probably need to find ways to support one another that have not existed previously,” she said.

We agreed that we’re not sure what that looks like exactly.

I turned 40 in November, and my priorities have slowly switched from “accomplishment” and “progress” to wellness and being present. I try to get enough sleep. I take walks, meditate and maintain my yoga practice. The breaks from the news, the focus on my own wellness, has been helpful. I still need to take more breaks from the news, and I want to have a few days where I go away to a cabin and write, but there will be time for those.

For now, here are some other resources I’ve found useful.

Take News Breaks


Play the Long Game

As I wrote in a previous post, the slow burn is what’s required so we don’t burn out. Here are some additional resources.

More about the history of Self-Care

  • A History of Self-Care – from Slate, tracing the radical roots of self-care, which grew out of the civil rights and women’s movements