Take Action

Want to take action but not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed by the number of opportunities and needs out there? The resources and organizations on this page will help you connect with others, as well as help you think through how you want to dedicate your finite time and energy.

Call your representatives

  • 5 Calls encourages you to spend 5 minutes making 5 calls, plus there are scripts and contact numbers, and you can also track the calls you’ve made.
  • Take a Stance – the perfect app for introverts (see below). Record a phone message that will be delivered to your representative’s voice mail
  • The New York Times explains why calling is so much more effective than writing a letter, an email, or signing a petition.
  • And here’s the number for the Capitol switchboard, which will direct you to your elected officials: 202-224-3121  You can program it into your phone – I did


  • Indivisible Guide – a guide for resisting the Trump agenda, created by former Congressional staffers. Sign up for email updates and search for (and join) a local Indivisible group.
  • Resistance Manual – a project by StayWoke and a fantastic, crowdsourced resource for getting educated on a number of pressing rights and justice issues at national and state levels, as well as ways to take action.
  • re:act – a weekly email from Derek Nelson provides background on current issues and lots of great ideas for taking action. This is a go-to resource for me.
  • #Our100 Pledge – take the pledge to stand with women of color leadership.
  • Women’s March on Washington – following the epic success of the largest single-day protest in American history, the Women’s March organizers are sponsoring 10 actions for the first 100 days.
  • Knock Every Door – Sign up to canvass your neighborhood to talk to voters and non-voters about the issues affecting them. The emphasis is on listening to what people are saying about the reasons why they did or didn’t vote; data gathered will be shared with the Democratic Party.  (This resource was submitted by a reader – thanks!)
  • #LoveArmy – An initiative of Van Jones and the Dream Corps, the Love Army stands with the most vulnerable in our society and promotes compassion and courageous conversation with those who have differing opinions and values
  • Rogan’s List – daily actions and information provided by a (wait for it) former university librarian! Yay, librarians!

And if you want even more lists of lists, check out the Action Alliance, which is a loose organization of groups dedicated to the #Resistance. The first time I saw the list of organizations, I got overwhelmed, and then incredibly inspired by the sheer number of wonderful people and groups who are out there organizing. Resist!

Play to your strengths

I’m an introvert who HATES being on the phone. These resources have been very helpful for me.