Voting Rights

img_4682-2Every election day, I post a Facebook status telling people why I vote. It usually goes something like this: “A century ago, I couldn’t vote because of my lady parts. Half a century ago, some of my family members couldn’t vote because of the color of their skin.”

When I was a kid growing up in rural Wisconsin, I just assumed the country had voting figured out. One person = one vote. You turned 18, you went to vote. Each vote got counted. Each vote mattered.

Voting is essential. And yet every year there are more and more methods being utilized to disenfranchise voters.

Because voting is so important to me, this is one of my Top Three issues. Heck, it’s practically my Top Issue.  Want to get educated on the issues and volunteer? Check out the links below:


  • VoteRiders – Making sure that no eligible citizen is denied the right to vote because of voter ID requirements ‘
  • Let America Vote – a new organization dedicated to protecting voting rights.
  • Spread the Vote – dedicated to helping everyone in states that require government IDs in order to vote actually get those IDs.
  • NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund – helping to secure and protect the voting rights of African Americans

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