A win!

Remember the series of story snippets I posted around the end of the year?  They were entries in the 1,000 Prompts, 1,000 Dollars contest sponsored by Build Creative Writing Ideas.  Well, I learned this morning that The Reluctant Vampire took a first prize win!!  My first writing win.  Wow.

Visit the contest site to read the other awesome winners. (And to confirm that my name is really there – it’s really there, right? I didn’t make this up?)

Here’s a quick link to The Reluctant Vampire.  You can also read my other entries: The Amethyst Shield and The Project.

The (anti)hero of The Reluctant Vampire, Nathaniel, came to me in a dream a few years ago (this is why I keep paper and pen by the bed). Nathaniel was briefly incarnated in a failed NaNoWriMo novel and then insisted he be brought back for this contest.  Soon he’ll get his own full-fledged story.

The characters in The Amethyst Shield will likely appear in the sequel to Stone’s Throw into the Deep, while the characters in The Project are slotted to appear in a historical fiction novel that I’ll start this year or next.

Lunch will see me raising a glass to the contest judges and to Nathaniel.  Cheers!