A New Story and Some Thoughts

Happy Spring! Today I wore my light jacket and I DIDN’T EVEN BRING MITTENS TO WORK. Spring! (Still a little ice on the river but spring!)

But in case you are nostalgic for the pink sugar shock of Valentine’s Day, I offer Speculative Valentine Drabbles 2015, available via Amazon for only $0.99. What the heck is a drabble, you ask? A drabble is a (roughly) 100-word story; these are of the speculative variety (so anything including horror, sci fi, fantasy, etc.). AND the collection includes my story, “The Imp and the Fairy.”

I have been in a weird spot in the past month or so with my writing. I’ve lost my drive. The first few weeks of the year were excellent. I had to do lists and weekly intentions and was knocking writing stuff off left and right. Then I hit a wall.

A few things happened.

  • Spring semester started. Suddenly my full time job was once again my full time job. I have time here and there to write, but nothing sustained.
  • We passed a school bond referendum in my town. I’m thrilled. My kids – and all the kids in the district – will have excellent (and much needed) facilities. The final few weeks of the campaign were, um, intense.  I spent a lot of time refuting erroneous information & mobilizing voters. It was an amazing experience – and one that I’m still digesting (to spit out in a future blog post, no doubt) – but one that also took a lot of energy.
  • I received my editorial assessment on Some Flew North from the amazing Rebecca Heymann of Rebecca Faith EditorialIt was terrifying to open the letter but I’m glad I did. I also can’t describe how cool it is to Skype with a stranger-turned-collaborator about the intricacies of a world that exists inside my head, nailing down vital details and shaping a newer, better story. But….making it better will require more time than anticipated.

Remember my unresolutions from the start of the year? I wrote about the practices and mindsets I need to support my writing life. I’ve slipped a bit, but I’m not sure why.

Of course I was hoping that the reasons would become apparent as I wrote this post. I can see some themes: I’ve been distracted (or I’ve let myself become distracted – this is probably more correct) and I’m feeling time stress. Usually time time stress pushes me to write, but this time it isn’t.

Eh, could be the weather, could be spring semester, could be the phases of the moon or the fact that my kids wear me out. I’m struggling with impatience – spring fever, maybe – wanting the world to be other than it is. (This, of course, is the cause of suffering, according to the Buddhists.)

For the moment, I am relieved to have identified the fact that I’ve lost some motivation. Now if I can only find the motivation to explore my lack of motivation…