What I'm Reading – the Woman in Cabin 10

I've always been a little idiosyncratic in what I read. Some YA, of course. A lot of contemporary fiction. Romance novels. Not much nonfiction. Mainly I'm looking for stories that carry me away, ones where reading doesn't feel like work. Lately I've been enjoying a lot of crime fiction. I think it's the formula that … Continue reading What I'm Reading – the Woman in Cabin 10

The Amethyst Shield contest entry

Ready for a quick, enticing read? ¬†Here's my second entry for the Build Creative Writing Ideas 1,000 Prompts, 1,000 Dollars Writing Contest. The Amethyst Shield Julie Gilbert Her feet danced over knotted tree roots as she ducked under a pine branch.¬† It was humid in the forest but she pulled the hood of her cloak … Continue reading The Amethyst Shield contest entry