H is for…History

In broad terms, I write what's known as speculative fiction. Basically, this is an umbrella term encompassing fantasy, science fiction, horror, or anything with elements of the supernatural. While a few of my short fiction pieces (especially the ones about adultery) are straight up "regular" fiction, most everything I write has some aspect of "but … Continue reading H is for…History

A Parent & Writer's Ode to Mondays

Every day is the weekend, if you're on sabbatical.  (I suppose every day is also Monday, but that's not a problem for me this year.)  My actual weekends are spent chasing after little ones, who have even more energy now that it is too cold to play outside for long.  It took several years before … Continue reading A Parent & Writer's Ode to Mondays

The Project contest entry

Here's my third and final entry for the Build Creative Writing Ideas 1,000 Prompts, 1,000 Dollars writing contest.  I venture into historical fiction with this entry. The Project Julie Gilbert “Two gallons of lemon flavoring,” Lyle said, reading the front of the carton.  “These fancy scientists can’t do any work without their lemon flavoring, huh?” … Continue reading The Project contest entry