M is for…Music

I almost exclusively write while listening to music. Granted, sometimes 30 minutes will go by and I will have no idea what’s been playing, but music serves as a necessary distraction, occupying part of my mind so the other part can write.

In addition to being distracted by music, I’m also inspired by it. When I wrote about inspiration last week, I noted that some kind of deep, emotional resonance draws me in. There are a number of songs in my iTunes library that have directly inspired scenes, characters or entire stories.

And finally, I confess that OF COURSE I daydream about hearing a particular track during a scene in one of the many movies that will be based on my books.

Here are some of my favorite tracks:

DLZ by TV on the Radio – I fell in love with this song when they played it during the “Stay out of my territory” scene on Breaking Bad (warning, the link to the video has show spoilers). I love the pulsing beat, the lyrics (“never you mind, death professor” – how great is that!) and the relentless vocals. I often listen to this when I first sit down to write and let it pull me down the rabbit hole.

 Heaven When We’re Home by The Wailin’ Jennys – This lovely song (by one of my favorite groups) might have been written by one of my main characters. It speaks of journeys, of discernment, of being kind to ourselves. Also, if I suffer from an occasional night of insomnia, I often remember this line the next day: “I’ve been up for way to long and I’m too tired to sleep.”

Fire by Bruce Springsteen – Love this song, full of yearning, desire, hope, delicate longing. Love Bruce and all his Bruceness. Not surprisingly,  I often listen to this song when I’m writing romantic scenes.

Do you listen to music when you create? What are some of your favorite songs?