Why Cemeteries and Pajamas?

Fort Ridgely CemeteryAt first glance (and even at second), cemeteries and pajamas don’t appear to have much in common, unless you want to engage in a belabored pun about resting, which I really, really don’t.   So why did I name my blog Cemeteries and Pajamas?

For me, these two things are linked by the fact that I’m on sabbatical.  When people ask what I’m doing this year, I tell them that I’m spending a lot of time wandering around cemeteries.  Sometimes I’m wearing my pajamas during these conversations.  This usual ends the conversation quickly, which this introvert appreciates.

I spent a fantastic fall visiting over a dozen cemeteries near my home, marking all the visits on a giant map of my county.  When I wasn’t taking photos in the cemeteries, I was at my desk, wearing my pajamas, furiously pounding out the first draft of a new novel about a young woman who can hear the final thoughts of the dead.  

Sabbatical has given me time to rethink my life, including asking myself what I want to accomplish before I myself am in the ground.  (Well, cremated, really, but you get the idea.) Writing – and sharing that writing with the world – has been pretty high on that list for years.  Also, finding a career where I can primarily work in my pajamas.  Score.