My MLK Day Reading List

Take even a cursory look at my profile picture and you can see I'm a white woman. What you might not know is that I'm a member of a transracial family. In the past few years, being a part of this family has profoundly enriched, challenged and transformed my previous, homogenous life. I've made it a … Continue reading My MLK Day Reading List

Diversify Your Shelves

Last week we saw the We Need Diverse Books campaign storm Twitter.  In case you missed it or are feeling nostalgic: A blog post I did last week with links about the issues Another blog post from last week containing some of my personal reasons for wanting diverse books. Some of the top tweets collected by Huffington Post … Continue reading Diversify Your Shelves

We Need Diverse Books

I'm an intensely private person with a stubborn exhibitionist streak.  I want people to know some of my deepest desires and talents but only after I've carefully packaged  and presented them.  Okay, you caught me - I'm a bit of a control freak.  Plus I'm inconsistent.  I'll share too much in one situation and then … Continue reading We Need Diverse Books