Hello! Welcome to Julie Gilbert Books. I’m a writer, mainly of children’s and young adult speculative fiction, but I write about pretty much anything that catches my fancy, including historical fiction.

I am the author of several titles from Capstone, including the Dark Waters series and Lucy Fights the Flames: A Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Survival Story. I’ve published several short stories and am currently in the last stages of editing a young adult manuscript that will (hopefully) see the world soon. Check out my Published Works page for a complete list of my available work.

I’m also a librarian and have been for almost fifteen years. I love working in libraries. I learn something new every day, usually through helping someone with their research or experimenting with the best ways to teach research skills and habits of minds. I have published extensively in the field of library science, too, although my scholarship tends to have fewer plot twists and interesting characters than my novels and short stories.

My writing and library work frequently overlaps. The themes I explore in my scholarship, like how readers connect with books or issues of diversity and representation, feed directly into my writing. As a writer and librarian, I closely monitor ever-evolving trends in how information is produced and published, as well as how it impacts authors and libraries.

If you’d like to know more about me & my work, stick around and explore the site. I am not particularly active on social media, but there’s a contact form if you’d like to get in touch. Also – and this is something new I’m trying – if you are conducting research on any topic, contact me for a free consultation on how to proceed.

Happy reading!